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Wisdom Circles

We are taught or at least have heard that every human is “special”. That everyone has a unique purpose or a special destiny but how many of us actually believe this is true? We want to believe but we find it challenging to do so.

In the DNA of each person, lives the collective experience and wisdom of thousands of years. Our essential self lies within this field, yet we seldom tap into these deep pools of inner knowing and wisdom of the collective.

Please Watch my Video Below on What Is a Wisdom Circle

Below are scheduled Q&A Calls where you can register to learn more about upcoming Wisdom Circles. Click on any of the event links for more information.

My promise is that you will leave with:

  • A heightened awareness of the uniqueness of your essence self.

  • An expanded sense of self authority.

  • A sense of clarity and strength of voice for the message that is uniquely yours.

  • A confident knowing that you are not alone.

  • An experience of being a valued member  of a vital community.

  • Tools that foster your ability to navigate the inner and outer dimensions of life.

You May Meet the Next Evolutionary
Update of the Person You Were Created To Be

You May Meet the Next Evolutionary
Update of the Person You Were Created To Be

Do you desire to experience the beauty, power, and essence of your sovereign self?

Wisdom Circle Design

Wisdom Circles are an exquisitely and artfully designed 3 to 4 day thematically focused workshop. Every group experience is a unique journey where we gather in a safe, supportive environment in order to: 

  • Gain insight into our uniqueness and beauty.

  • Learn from one another.

  • Experience the deep wisdom of the collective.

  • Nurture ourselves.

  • Gain insight into the next clear step for our life.

Attending a Wisdom Circle will alter your sense of what is possible in what you thought was a circle of strangers. Each one is a small gathering of 12-30 individuals who will:

  • Seek to gain deeper insight into their own journey.

  • Long to become a better friend to the self.

  • Desire a deeper embrace of their essence self.

  • Wish to express in all areas of their life, who they truly are.

Every Wisdom Circle is created as a stand alone field of learning and growing however each one will have these characteristics:

  • An abundance of love, compassion and empathy.

  • A container  that elevates and amplifies curiosity, safety and trust.

  • An exquisite sensitivity to both individual and collective learning.

  • Non-judgement and a feeling that you can BE your Whole Self.

  • An awareness of the sacred and an attention to what matters most.

  • Lots of laughter and light hearted play.

I Believe We Each Have a Unique Purpose or Destiny to Fulfill

I Believe We Each Have a Unique Purpose or Destiny to Fulfill

Perhaps for the first time in your life you may feel or have the knowing that you are exquisitely perfect and whole in every way.

Wisdom Circle Praise & Appreciation

Lana Holmes Wisdom Circle Testimonial - Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan

"The moment I heard about the Wisdom Circle, I wanted to attend and I’m so thankful I did!! Lana was a masterful Guide. I have known Lana for many years now and she made my social activism more powerful and my business more focused on what matters. She truly embodies what she teaches drawing upon her vast marketplace experience and the(...)

Laura Walther

"I treated myself to a Wisdom Circle retreat shortly after my mother's death hoping for help processing my unbearable feelings of grief and loss. I received so much more than what I expected. While attending the Wisdom Circle, in beautiful Monterey, CA, I learned to quietly sit with my inner feelings in a safe, thoughtful, respectful manner(...)

Praise, Appreciation and Testimonials for Lana Holmes. Wisdom Circle Testimonial - Dinah Lin.
Dinah Lin

"Wow! Attending this Wisdom Circle was beyond any expectation I had. We just ‘gelled’ as a tribe of sisters. Lana and Pele were terrific as co-guides. It was wonderful to see the trust that just flowed, and the love and respect."

Dinah Lin, MBA, Best selling Author and Speaker

Carmen Lee

"The Rising Into Wholeness ceremony created a new portal for my true self to emerge, allowing me to transform relationships with myself and others around me. I remember that within a week after the ceremony, I had an honest yet contentious conversation with two colleagues, paving the way for a more collaborative working relationship than we(...)

When You Deeply Desire Transformation,
Be Assured it is Lurking Nearby