Whole & Complete in Every Way


It is a memory I recall often because the first time I heard the words it significantly shifted my reality.  You are whole and complete in every way”.  It was in that moment, as though my heart leaped with ecstatic joy and my skepticism kicked into overdrive at the same instant.

How would my life have been different if I had always walked with this belief? How would my life change if I fully embraced this statement as truth and lived my life in a manner that reflected this concept?

I was amazed, excited and challenged.  It required a complete reorientation of my entire operating system.  The notion that I no longer needed to “prove myself” or “earn” love was mind blowing, to say the least.  Especially since I had spent my entire personal and professional life in social systems that demanded I prove myself worthy.

So, I began a journey along this ancient path of earth wisdom teachings.  I needed to understand not only the phrase, “You are whole and complete in every way” but also how might one live a life in this state of consciousness?  What if just believing that I was whole and complete in every way made the statement a reality?  Would this new story of myself change my behavior?

In love and service to life and all that bring life,

I am a guide and confidant to those who are in service to life and all that brings aliveness into their professional, personal and spiritual journeys. Every client engagement is individually customized and designed to guide and advise clients personally and professionally.

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