Welcome Back, Lana

What an amazing journey my life has been thus far!!! I’m so excited to experience what is to come but in this present moment…where I have come to love living my life, it felt very important to honor my own rite of passage.

Taking this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate is just one of the many shifts I’ve come to learn are vital to our health and well-being.

What unfolded this past 10 years is nothing short of amazing and miraculous! How could I have ever known when I stepped back from my 30 year career to go on a long overdue personal journey of the heart and soul that it would manifest in this new me!?!

So, “Hello everyone!” I’m back from my walk-a-bout and so much the better for having done so!!

How am I better? Well, it all began when someone special said, “You are whole and complete in every way.” What?!? That is crazy! I was born in sin, imperfect, broken; separated from Divine. How could I possibly be whole and complete?

Discovery!! It’s true and that in a nutshell has become the backbone, keystone, the fabric of my Being and my service to the those seeking the same.

Living in wholeness is a practice. It begins, like always with choice. By choosing to take that next clear step and go on a journey of honoring who you have been and then making the choice to create a more complete embodiment of the unique YOU that you were destined to Be and become!

In love and service to life and all that bring life,

I am a guide and confidant to those who are in service to life and all that brings aliveness into their professional, personal and spiritual journeys. Every client engagement is individually customized and designed to guide and advise clients personally and professionally.

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