Real Work

Moving into a favorite spot within the fabric of nature…

“It may be that when we
no longer know what to do,
we have come to our real work…
and when we no longer know
which way to go,
we have begun our real journey.”

~Wendell Berry

Walking a mindful, conscious path in Earth Wisdom is very much aligned with walking other conscious, meditative paths.

Walking in Earth Wisdom is a mindful practice in which we become more attuned to the timeless rhythms of the natural world.  It is a conscious, mindful path of asking questions and seeking responses from Mother Earth’s amazingly elegant designs.

My life path of recent has been strewn with amazing complexity.  Challenges in the territories of property, finances, attorneys, profession, etc.… well, I trust you are able to imagine.

In past seasons of my journey, when faced with difficult challenges along life’s path, I would turn to friends, teachers, books, experts, extraordinary mental exercises and amazing amounts of emotional consternation.  Eventually, a direction would arise but in the end, I was often forced to just make a decision that felt ‘iffy’ at best.

Although many of these options hold wisdom, Wendell Berry’s words, gave me great comfort and send me back to sitting quietly upon the earth.  Since practicing Earth Wisdom, the first “ expert” I seek out is Mother Life, Gaia, Mother Earth.  Who better to consult than her ancient wisdom?

I begin to observe and study what my eyes see, my ears hear, nose smells and my skin feels.  As I move into these simple acts of mindfulness, new perspectives and questions arise.  How might an ant respond to an overwhelming obstacle or challenge?  How might an oak tree sprout respond having just broken through the earth’s crust to find itself surrounded by other plants also seeking light and water?  How would a rabbit longing to eat, avoid the talons of a lofty eagle as it ventures out of its lair?

When I no longer know what to do, I go into nature; the earth.  That is when my real work begins.  If I am attentive enough, quiet enough, patient enough…  without fail, Mother Life always responds.  She always reveals the next clear step along my path.

What answers might you find to your troubling challenges if you listen to Mother Life’s voice?

In love and service to life and all that bring life,

I am a guide and confidant to those who are in service to life and all that brings aliveness into their professional, personal and spiritual journeys. Every client engagement is individually customized and designed to guide and advise clients personally and professionally.

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